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Work Tenure

Work Tenure

The Management of the Trust was under the control of Charity Commissioner Maharashtra State,Mumbai and the Trustee Board Appointed by him from year 1984 until August, 2004. After the formation of trust committee below is the list of hon. Chairman and hon. vice Chairman

Hon. Chairman

No. Name Designation Period
1 Shri Late Dr. P.K.Sawant 16/08/1984 to 04/06/1988
2 Shri Mohanrao Patil IAS 05/06/1988 to 31/08/1989
3 Smt Prof.Dr.Lekha Pathak 01/09/1989 to 31/08/1994
4 Shri D.M. Sukthankar IAS (Retd.) 01/09/1994 to 31/08/1999
5 Shri D.M. Sukthankar IAS (Retd.) 01/09/1999 to 24/08/2004